Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc.

About Us

Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc. (EIN 72-1598095) was founded in 2005 by Daniel S. Cooper, formerly with Audubon California, and author of "Important Bird Areas of California" (2004).

Together with a network of partner biologists, we bring extensive experience in designing and conducting studies of bird distribution and habitat usage, and employ the latest scientific principles and techniques.

What We Do

Environmental Compliance (CEQA/NEPA) and Monitoring

We help write and review biological sections of environmental impact reports, and advise clients on avoiding impacts to protected species and natural resources during development and restoration projects.

Biological Assessments

We bring over 10 years of professional experience surveying fauna and flora of southern California, and tailor survey methods to meet both our client's needs and the characteristics of each site. While most of our work focuses on birds, we work with a network of colleagues with a diverse range of specialized knowledge.

Protocol Surveys for the California Gnatcatcher and other special-status bird species

Need a gnatcatcher survey done? Think there's a rare species on your property? Don't take the risk—work with experts first.


  • Daniel S. Cooper is the author of Important Bird Areas of California (Audubon California 2004), and is an authority on California bird ecology, identification and distribution.
  • Strong background in southern California natural history, with specific areas of expertise in the Ballona Wetlands, Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Clara River, Puente-Chino Hills, and remnant habitat patches on the floor of the Los Angeles Basin.
  • Designed and managed numerous monitoring projects and assessments for a wide variety of clients, including public agencies and municipalities, large consulting firms, private landowners, and nonprofit environmental organizations.

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  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Permit No. TE-100008-0 (California Gnatcatcher).
  • CDFG Scientific Collecting Permit.
  • CDFG Scientific Collecting permit #: SC-10615